Thursday, July 05, 2007

Noah's half birthday

Well, yesterday Noah turned a year and a half! Becky and I went to Lake Norman, north of Charlotte, NC, for the day with some was weird not having Noah at a familiar place...knowing he'd be playing in the sand and eating most of what he played with..swimming in the lake with us...playing with the 3 dogs that were's been weird, for sure... Even so, the emptiness of his being gone makes us realize more and more the truth and reality of eternal life, of Heaven and Hell. We're so thankful we can be certain of where we will go if we die today, tonight: we will go to Heaven and meet Noah because of what Jesus Christ has done for me and Becky, and for you too, if you'll just accept Him into your life! Have you made that choice to follow Christ yet? If not, you've chosen to reject Him. I pray that you choose we have been learning, there is nothing more important in this life, and there's nothing else worth holding on to...for life is temporary...but eternal life is forever!

Bacheller Bulletin--June 2007

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