Monday, June 22, 2009

One Week Left!

Hi from Brazil!

We have one week left here before we head back to the USA! Our time here as been wonderful, and yes, very busy! The last two weeks held many things we want to update you on:

  • Regarding ministry, Becky, Caleb and I visited the town of Vianópolis, where we are planning to attend Portuguese language school when we return to Brazil (yes, Ben is fluent but he will still refresh on his Portuguese too!). We will likely remain there for approximately 9 months before moving to Anápolis an hour away to begin ministry full-time. We will have a simple two bedroom apartment to live in on the campus of the language school and are excited to have this opportunity to focus on Portuguese.
  • On the family side of things, Ben’s youngest brother, Joel, got married to his Brazilian fiancée, Lanna one week ago. It was a wonderful time for the family to be together and gave us the opportunity to add more cultural observations to our growing list.
  • This past weekend we also enjoyed more family time at the Brazilian hot springs city of Caldas Novas. Caleb loved all the water (“hot agua” as he calls it) and the slides! He is also feeling more comfortable with Brazilians wanting to touch his hair and come close to him. He has even started saying “Oi”and “Tchau” (Hi and Bye in Portuguese) to Brazilians that he meets. It is exciting for us to see him adjusting to the country he will soon call home. Caleb has also moved to a “big boy bed”, as he’s crawled out of his crib. He’s adjusted well to having the newfound freedom too—in other words, he’s been a very obedient little guy.


Looking toward this summer:

We would like to ask you to pray for us during our summer travels once we return to the USA, as we will be on the road for almost three months! If we haven’t scheduled a visit with you yet, please contact us by email or phone! Here is our schedule:
July 3rd – 5th, Boston area.

July 6th – 11th, Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

July 12th – 26th, Olean, NY (western NY, including Buffalo, Rochester) and central NY state: Cortland/Ithaca/Syracuse area)

July 27th – 9th, Troy, OH area.

August 10th – 13th, Grand Rapids, MI

August 14th – 19th, Douglas, WY

August 20th – 23rd, Wheaton, IL

August 24th – September 1st, Kansas City, MO; Tulsa, OK, and Hutchinson, KS.

September 2nd & 3rd, Princeton, KY

Sept. 4th & 5th, Franklin, TN

Sept. 6th, Chattanooga, TN

Sept. 7th, Morganton, GA

Sept. 8th, Drive back to Columbia, SC!


Yes, that’s a whirlwind tour! We will also be visiting more friends and churches in Georgia, Virginia, and Florida later in the Fall. So, we would appreciate your prayers for our safety, as well as for God’s provision of committed prayer and financial partners. Currently our goal is to be in Brazil full-time by the second week of March, 2010 so that we can begin language study. He has called us here, and we know that He will make a way, in His time. Let us pray specifically that God will bring us here by March, and praise God in advance for what He will do!


In His Care,

Ben & Becky Bacheller

7103 Frost Ave., #81
Columbia, SC 29203

Skype: bbbacheller
Mobilizing and training Brazilians for missions.
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Monday, June 15, 2009

FW: 9 days in Brazil


Hi from Brazil! We have been here for 9 days now and are finally feeling like we are getting into a routine—there is always so much to do! So how are we adjusting and what have we been doing?

Ben has been observing his dad’s seminary classes and has started teaching in the missions training program. He also gave a devotional for the seminary yesterday and will be preaching in a Brazilian church this Sunday. Preparing to teach and preach in Portuguese takes more time than in English, of course, but it is a great opportunity for him to get re-acclimated to the language. He has also enjoyed playing soccer with the seminary students. They play on an outdoor cement court about the size of a basketball court—for those who know soccer, it’s called Futsal, the official Olympic indoor soccer game.  It is a fast game that requires quick ball handling skills. Caleb and I love to come watch Ben play and meet the student wives and their families.


I (Becky) have been focusing on caring for Caleb, helping Kathy (my mother-in-law) cook lunch (the main meal of the day here in Brazil) and studying Portuguese when Caleb is napping. Everyday Caleb and I walk up to the park at the seminary so he can play. He has made several friends including a little boy who is one year older than him named Josué (Joshua). While the boys play, Josué’s mom and I talk in Portuguese. I am thankful for the Portuguese I still remember and am excited to keep learning new vocabulary and grammar.


Caleb is enjoying Brazil but even at his young age has been going through some culture shock. With his blond hair and blue eyes he stands out and many people come close to him, squeezing his cheeks and telling him loudly in Portuguese how cute he is. Brazilians think he is at least three or four years old (he’s only 1 ½) which increases their expectations of him. Despite these cultural differences Caleb is adjusting well. He is saying new words in English and in Portuguese and enjoys jumping on his Aunt Joy’s trampoline. His friend Josué also let him borrow a little tricycle which he carries with him and rides around.


Observation Skills

When you enter a new culture, it’s a good habit to make note of the many things you see that are different from what you’re accustomed to. Even though Ben grew up in Brazil and this is my fourth time visiting, we are both trying to make an extra effort to observe what might be unfamiliar to those who have never been to Brazil before.

Here are some of our observations:

-The Sunday church service is at night, usually from 7:00pm to 9:15pm.

-Pregnant women, women with children, and senior citizens usually get priority with public services (it’s nice when boarding airplanes).

-Motorcycles usually don’t obey the “Rules of the Road”, and will weave in and around cars.

-Police vehicles drive much slower than traffic with their lights flashing, but without sirens on. They make their presence known, but generally don’t give tickets to those who run red lights or speed off in front of them.

-The dirt is red, kind of like “Georgia Clay”, which Caleb loves to look at and get dirty in as he walks.

We'll include more observations in our next update.


-We arrived safely and all our luggage finally arrived!

-Ben has had many opportunities to preach and teach.

Prayer Requests

-That we will have the chance to rest amidst all the work to be done here.

-For Caleb’s continued adjustment to a new language and culture.

-That I (Becky), will be able to learn more Portuguese every day.

-For our safe travels in Brazil as we visit language schools and as Ben travels to teach and preach.

Thank you for your prayers. We will continue to keep you updated. Remember to visit our website for more regular updates and pictures!

In His Hands,

Becky (for Ben and Caleb)


Here we are eating a traditional mid-western Brazilian dish: Pamonha and Caldo de Milho, boiled corn puree (in corn husks wrapped with rubberbands) and corn soup. Caleb really loved the corn soup once he tried it, we think you would too!


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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Joel's Wedding

Last night was Ben's youngest brother Joel's wedding. Joel married a Brazilian named Lana. It was a beautiful ceremony and we are so happy for them.

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Joel's Wedding

Here are more pictures of the wedding. Caleb loved playing with the little girl who brought in the rings as well as his cousin Julia. Julia is 6 months younger than Caleb. In Brazil they have special couples who are in the wedding that walk in before the bride and groom. We along with Julia's parents were among these special couples and the kids came down the isle with us. Both Caleb and Julia did such a good job especially since the wedding started at 8PM (their bedtime).
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Caleb enjoying Brazil

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Ben's Graduation

These pictures are from Ben's Seminay graduation a few weeks ago. Ben's dad came from Brazil for the celebration. Ben has worked so hard the last 4 years and I am so proud of him!
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