Monday, August 18, 2008

Brazil in the Olympics

Have you watched much in the Olympics? We haven't either, but there are two sports we're following: swimming (had to cheer for Phelps), and soccer. For your information, Brazil is in the final game (women) against the USA! It will be this Thursday morning at 9am Eastern time. And the men's team is playing its biggest rival, Argentina, tomorrow, Tuesday morning, at 9am! Of course, we're cheering for the men to win so they can play the final and win an Olympic Gold on Saturday at midnight (yes, I, Ben, will probably be awake...or trying to stay awake), which they've kind of "avoided" it seems in the last couple Olympics...I guess they like to win World Cups more often?
Have fun!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ever heard of a "Caleb in the Box"?


No, not Jack in the Box, but Caleb in the Box! He loved this, as you can tell!
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