Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Conversations with Christians

At a recent missions conference, one woman came up to speak with me about the sermon I had just preached. I had mentioned the efforts I'm involved with at our mission in leading the Creation Care Initiative. She said she was a public high-school science teacher and was so glad to see us as an organization tackling some of the environmental issues of the day. In the public sector, it has been rare for her to find Christians willing to talk about environmental issues in a knowledgeable way. I don't shy away from having these discussions with Christians or non-Christians, because I'm confident in God's Word and what it teaches me regarding the decay of Creation and our role in bringing reconciliation to the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:19-20). Look it up for yourself! We are to bring reconciliation to ALL THINGS, in Heaven (spiritual realms) and on earth (physical realm).

I reminded the teacher about the early scientists, all the discoveries they made... What did they have in common? Men like Copernicus, Pascal, Newton, and more...they were all followers of Jesus! They based their scientific discoveries on a God who established the world with a set of laws that governed how it works...gravity for instance! The carbon cycle, hydrologic cycle...all these are facts that God has established for His creation to function and to give Him glory! So, then, I remind her that it's God's world we live in...feel free to live like it's His world, and our job to be good stewards.