Saturday, July 29, 2006

What, is my diaper smelly?

This is Norman, Nana Smith's horse (the breed is Haflinger)...he seems to like Noah. :-) Posted by Picasa

Say Hi for the picture!!!

 Posted by Picasa

Noah with Grumpa Smith

Can you see the resemblance? Posted by Picasa

Look what Noah put on his head in Chicago!

Noah thinks he's going to be the next big bank robber! We're trying to convince him otherwise...funny little guy... Posted by Picasa

Ben holding nephew Alec

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Great Grandparents, Nana, Mom & Dad & Aunt Emy & Uncle Jonathan, and Alec.

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Nana Bacheller & Noah

Here's Nana & Noah! What a happy twosome! Posted by Picasa

The two youngest Bacheller cousins!

Here they are! Noah, 6 months old, and Alec, 3 1/2 weeks old, side by side. What fun to have a cousin already! Posted by Picasa

My living place in summer of 2002

The bottom door to this house (kinda like a basement apartment) is where me and two other guys lived for the summer of 2002, selling books door to door, in Canton, NC, about 40 minutes west of Asheville, NC. It was a wierd feeling to return to that place...such a hard time in my life, but so forming was also the first summer Becky and I had to spend apart before we got engaged that Thanksgiving. Posted by Picasa

Bob & Cora Mae Phillips

Here's the couple we visited on the way up to Chicago! What fun it was! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Well folks, we've made it to Chicago! We took a two day trip up from Columbia, SC, drove through beautiful North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and then Illinois. Noah was a good baby the whole trip. We're now just relaxing with family and trying to have some fun too.

We stopped in Canton, NC to visit a family that I knew from my days of selling books door to door there. The interesting thing was that right before I knocked on the door, they were actually talking about me and the Bible they bought from me back in the summer of 2002! They thought they'd pull out the children's Bible they bought from that "young man" to better understand Revelation! As soon as they had said that, I knocked on the door! It was so funny to see their faces! They remembered me, thankfully, and I got to introduce them to my wife and son! What a pleasure to keep in touch with friends!

How about you? Do you keep in touch with friends?

Talk to you later...
Ben for the small clan.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Carrinho de rolamento Race!

Growing up in Brazil, we used to build these and race them on downhill roads in the city. What fun!
I found two of them hiding in a shed at the camp we were at in Portugal, so I decided to make up a tournament for all the teens and some of the adults there on the missions trip! What a blast we had! Have you ever done something like this? What did you do as a kid that would be considered unusual to the average American? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Group in Portugal

Hey folks! I'm back from Portugal! It was a great time, in many different ways, but I'm glad to be back with Becky and Noah.
Here's a picture of our group that went to Portugal to help the missionaries with TEAM, Dan & Debbie Mosely. Posted by Picasa