Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fireworks and cars honking all night...

Yes, it’s the 4th of July, but that’s not the reason for the noise outside as I type this (Video)! It is midnight, and one of the national soccer club teams here in Brazil (Corinthians) just won the South American championship called “Libertadores da América”…tonight we won’t get much sleep! This is the passion of Brazilians for soccer… But this passion for soccer also permeates the Brazilian believer’s passion for Jesus! What a privilege to be mobilizing, training, and sending these passionate Brazilians to spread the gospel to the Unreached!

We want to ask you to be praying specifically these next two weeks. I (Ben) am leaving Thursday, for a conference at our mission headquarters in Wheaton, IL. The first week I will be at the conference. It is an important consultation of our TEAM leaders from around the world July 7-14 in Wheaton (actually at Wheaton College).  TEAM needs the input of all its leaders as we determine how to move ahead in these next years to best help churches around the country to send their missionaries in this ever-changing world.  The second week I will be staying with my extended family who lives in the area. Please pray for:
safe travels, and more importantly, for Becky who will stay back with all three boys. Ask our Father to give her extra endurance, strength, patience…etc., with three boys under 5 years of age.
Also pray for Caleb and Samuel to be obedient to Becky and understand that Ben will be back soon.
Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead the time of consulting/interacting/praying among all the TEAM missionaries and leaders.
Finally, pray for our packing, as we leave this city (Campinas, São Paulo) to move inland at the end of July, less than two weeks after I get back from the US.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership, we need you more than you know!

Ben, Becky, and the boys...