Monday, January 25, 2010


Caleb has learned his ABC's! Wow! 2 years and 3 months...nice!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Another birthday away...

Another birthday has passed (January 4th) in which our first son, Noah, cannot be with us. If he were here, he would be 4 years old. Can you believe it? Wow! Sometimes it is difficult for us to imagine what life would be like with him and Caleb. Caleb is so big and strong--having Noah too would be something!

So we celebrated Noah's 4th birthday with Caleb by making a birthday cake, singing happy birthday, watching videos of Noah's life, and going to the cemetery where one day, when Jesus returns for those alive and those who have died, their bodies will rise and we too will meet Jesus with them in the air! Oh, what? Don't believe it? Read Thessalonians 4:16-17.

We can't wait to see Noah again, but especially to meet Jesus face to face and worship him for what he has done for us! To God be the glory!
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Preparing for baby brother...

So as the due date approaches for our 3rd boy (March 10th), we're getting ready for his arrival. Before we knew that this was going to be a boy, we were hoping for a girl..but ya know, if you have the same sex kid every time in a row, it makes it easy with clothing, toys, room colors...for instance, I (Ben) am the 2nd boy in the sequence of 5 boys in a row that my parents had (until my sister showed up at # 6--surprise!), it was neat because we boys could wrestle with each other, with dad, and we all went through the same stages as boys. Some of us more rebellious than others, of course, some of us needing more TLC (tender loving care--aka, "discipline") than others (yes, that would be me). The only thing that you have to put up with is "hand-me-downs"...unless, of course, you're the first one in line! Man, my older brother was lucky...:-) By the time my younger brothers got the hand-me-downs, they were out of style! Lucky for us that we were missionary kids (MK's) overseas and that it didn't matter so much to "fit-in". MK's already don't fit in, so learning to adjust to a new environment is part of "growing up" for us. So, anyhow, we are excited for this next boy to be born...and he'll probably arrive on the 1st of March since we have to have a C-section due to Caleb's delivery two years ago (remember? He was 11.7 lbs at birth....yes, natural birth!). We tend to produce large kids it seems.... However, we don't have a name picked out. Does that happen to you other parents out there? Becky and I had two names picked out for our boys (Noah, and Caleb), and we've used them up...what now? This guy was supposed to be a girl! Well, that's not what God said. We need another boy. Yes, NEED. God knows best, all the time, so we'll leave that to Him. But still, we need a name. Preferably a Bible name...first and middle. Any ideas? Write us back and let us know! Maybe we should take a vote? :-)

Keep in touch folks!
Ben (for us all).