Monday, May 07, 2012

Days go by...

As the days go by in the routine of language school, there are little changes that we don't always notice, but that those of you who keep up with us WOULD notice. So, just wanted to give you a few of those things that you might find interesting...or fun, or just mundane.
-First off, David, our almost three month old, is wearing 9-month clothing. This is in keeping with Bacheller tradition...our boys are plain BIG. He's growing very quickly, and loves to hear and see his brothers playing, singing, and dancing in front of him.
-Samuel is now saying more words than we can count! Just today at breakfast he said "Superman" and pointed up to the sky (we made him and Caleb red Superman capes!) Last night, he was getting into the car himself and said "Okie dokie!" He counted to 10 in English the other day, and says many words in Portuguese without even knowing he's speaking a different language!
-Caleb speaks Portuguese and English interchangeably with Becky and I; we're trying to train him to speak Portuguese when there are Brazilians around us, and English when there are not. He has done amazingly well with the language adaptation--kids almost always do when they are living within the context.
-Becky continues her language learning--it's HARD! I, Ben, joke with people that Portuguese is going to be the language we will use in Heaven...because it seems to take an eternity to learn! She is doing well, but we ask you to pray for her as she has a couple of months left to finish the program. Pray for understanding and retention.
-Me, Ben...well, I'm a "stay-at-home-dad" for now, and until this language learning process is mostly complete. Language learning is never "over" for an adult, I myself continue to learn and grow in the language that I grew up speaking. I'm comfortable with the language, but still find myself forgetting a word here or there, having to re-learn it or learn it for the first time.

If you're interested in seeing pictures and videos, you can look for us on Facebook if you're on that; we post videos and pictures there occasionally.

Thank you for praying with and for us and faithfully keeping us before the Father.

Ben, for the family.