Friday, March 04, 2005

March 4th in Brazil

Hello folks! Just wanted to send an update to you all and let you know that we’ve arrived safely in Brazil!

We left Miami March 1st and arrived “home”, where we’ll be staying for the next 4 months, Anápolis, around 7pm on the 2nd of March. We had an uneventful trip here, besides the 3 hour delayed flight out of Miami (very Brazilian!).

Becky and I have been trying to catch up on our sleep and “de-stress” a bit from the weeks leading up to our trip here to Brazil. We’ve already been able to get settled in our place, do some groceries, and even get to know some of the local folks who are either students or professors at the seminary where we’re living with my parents.

Beginning Monday we’ll already be getting involved in the orphanage across the street from us. A group of college students from the US are arriving here tomorrow (Saturday) and will be doing a few work projects at the orphanage, such as painting their whole cafeteria with a fresh layer of paint. Becky will be helping and I’ll be translating most of the time probably.

Today has been an exciting day for me, Ben. Why? Because I talked with Rev. Esli, a retired professor here at the seminary who in his free time has grown many fruit trees and other plants that do well in this area of Brazil (picture attached). He also has a good knowledge of who and what else is available in this area regarding small-scale agriculture. His dream has always been to have some basic farming or small scale agriculture program implemented within the seminary here. This would allow these adult seminary students to take this knowledge with them wherever they went, whether within Brazil to a more rural area, to the city, or to another country. This is exciting for me (Ben) to see, and to know that there are many opportunities for us here within a span of only 5 months.

Becky is tackling Portuguese head-on, spending time every day studying it, as well as trying to speak it with Brazilians that come to visit. We haven’t set up actual classes with a private tutor/teacher yet, but that will come. First, she will be taking out all four of her wisdom teeth on Wednesday next week. Pray for her as she goes “under the knife” Wednesday morning and that she heals up quickly. She’s very excited to get started helping at the orphanage, where last week 1 month-old triplets were just dropped off. Pray for these babies’ health as well.

We thank you for your encouragement, support, and prayers. We’re excited to be here, and can’t wait to send more news! Pass this along to others if you wish.

We have a US phone number here in Brazil (630-614-4554), believe it or not, that you can call if you just HAVE to speak to us. :-) It is a Chicago area phone number, so it’ll only be local or long distance for you in the US, and we can receive and make phone calls to you as well.

We hope all is well with you and your family,

Serving the poor in Brazil,

Ben & Becky Bacheller.

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