Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Delay of trip, but finally here!

Well folks, our team from church has arrived in Portugal! Yes, we're all quite tired, being mightily affected by Jet-Lag...this is the first time I've actually felt so affected by a jet-lag flight. I took a brief 2 hour nap but still felt no different when I woke up! Having lunch in my belly has helped though...if you know me, you know that food in my belly can quickly change my mood... :-)
Our flight was delayed out of Charlotte to connect to Newark, which meant we had to spend the night at a hotel there...and as you'll see in the pictures, we had a blast! It was the #1 Hotel for Distressed Passengers or airline employees! How funny! I guess you could say we were distressed a bit, but we really had fun! It's the first time in a long time that I've actually slept with a man in the same bed instead of my wife! ARgh!
Anyhow, please pray for Becky as she remains in the States holding up the fort...that our Lord would protect her and Noah and give them energy beyond their abilities. You can reach either of us still, by phone or email.
Thank you for praying! And make sure to watch Brazil play Japan tomorrow in the World Cup!

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