Thursday, August 24, 2006

Food for thought

"If we are not teaching people how to be saved, it is perhaps because we have forgotten the tragedy of being lost! If we're not teaching the message of forgiveness, it may be because we don't remember what it was like to be guilty. And if we're not preaching the cross, it could be that we've subconsciously decided that--God forbid--somehow we don't need it."
"Oh, but how quickly we forget. So much happens through the years...We don't turn away from him...we just don't take him with us. Assignments come. Promotions come. Budgets are made. Kids are born, and the Christ...the Christ is forgotten.
Has is been a while since you stared at the heavens in speechless amazement? Has it been a while since you realized God's divinity and your carnality?
If it has, then you need to know something. He is still there. He hasn't left. Under all those papers and books and reports and years. In the midst of all those voices and faces and memories and pictures, he is still there." What's keeping you back from accepting him? From turning back to Him? He's still there, just waiting for you to call on Him.

From Six Hours One Friday, by Max Lucado.

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