Friday, September 29, 2006

New best-friend?

So, we finally broke-down and got ourselves a kitten yesterday. We've been wanting animals (of ANY sort!) for over three years now, and we saw a roach in the house the other day and I said: "We need a cat!" So two days later, we got one. She came free to us, only 8 weeks old or so, litter-box trained already, and such a precious little thing! She follows us around the house wherever we go, and she'll beg us to pet her, then if we don't, she'll just sit patiently near you can see in this picture I took two minutes ago while I type away here... She's content to be near one of long as she knows she's loved. :-)
We're in the process of naming her--we think "Sheba" will be it, as in "Queen of Sheba". She's so beautiful, how could we NOT name her that? ;-)
Noah loves watching her run around--in fact, that was one of the main reasons we got her: we wanted him to grow up liking animals, not being afraid of them.
What do you think? I know my sister Joy will like Sheba--she has a fur coat similar to Tommy's, her Siamiese/Himalayan breed in Brazil.
That's all for now!
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