Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tribute to Noah

Hi folks. Just want to say thank you for praying for us, and grieving & mourning with us since we lost Noah...but really, it's an addition to Heaven. We know that Noah's smile and energy is bringing our Father in Heaven so much delight! If we enjoyed Noah while here, imagine what a joy he is to our Father! One day, we will see Noah again...and we can't wait! Enjoy the video we've uploaded about Noah's young, full life! It's a 12 minute video presentation of pictures,video, and sounds of Noah. We will always love him, our son, Noah, and will miss him until we see him face to face again, when we get to Heaven too. Click HERE to watch the video.
Ben & Becky Bacheller

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome. What a character he is - you're right, I bet our Father is just beaming at Noah's antics up there. : ) Much love to you guys!