Friday, September 14, 2007

Decision made

Hello all!
Thank you for all your prayers! We want to let you know about how God has directed us in the last few weeks since we asked for your prayers.

After talking to many people we respect, as well as praying plenty about this decision, we feel that the best option for us right now is to remain in the US for the full school year, making use of the scholarship that God has provided. We have already talked with the American & Brazilian leadership in Brazil, as well as our local church, and they are all ok with us staying for the time being.

Regarding the financial support some of you have sent in for our trip to Brazil, we thank you! It will sit in the mission's account until we are ready to go. We appreciate you partnership with us!

We will be returning to Brazil at some point we believe, we're just not sure how soon yet. Through this decision making process, I (Ben) have also changed my degree from the M.A. Intercultural Studies to the Master of Divinity. This means that we will be staying in the US for another full year at least past what we had first thought. Instead of graduating in the Spring of 2008, it will be the Spring of 2009 at the earliest. As a few people have said, more preparation will only be beneficial in the long-term. I have always wanted to get schooling done with as quickly as possible, but as I'm growing and maturing, I am coming to realize that being hasty isn't the best thing...God will get us "there" when He's ready to use us, not when we think we're ready.

So we want to say thank you for your prayers during this time. Please continue to pray for the health of the next baby boy as well as Becky; the baby is due Oct. 19th, but he's a big one already we think!

We'll post some pictures of Noah's grave soon also.

In Christ's unfailing love,
Ben & Becky Bacheller.

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