Monday, September 22, 2008

Long time due.....

Sorry it's been a while since we gave an update...the school semester has started, and we're in full swing! Even so, we want to share some pictures with you. So, enjoy! Send us an email or make a comment on a picture to get in touch!

Update on Becky - As we mentioned in our last prayer letter, Becky is still having hip problems related to Caleb's delivery 11 and 1/2 months ago. She went back to the doctor this past week and the X-ray showed that the bones are still inflamed and there has been little to no healing. She has to get more steroid injections and not walk around or lift anything heavy (including Caleb). Please continue to pray for her healing and that God would encourage us all during this time. Please also pray for Caleb to walk soon and to adjust well with the changes.

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Faders said...

Hi Guys,
I was just checking your blog. Can you believe we have real Internet in the bush now? Becky, I'm so sorry your hips doing so poorly. We're praying though. We love you so much. Maybe we can skype sometime soon.
Love, Bethany