Friday, December 05, 2008

Please Pray

Hi folks. Don't know how many of you follow this, but I figured we'd ask you to pray.
Thursday we went to see the doctor again, for Becky's hip bone and cartilage inflammation issues. After meeting with him, we could tell he was stumped. He admitted that this is the worse case he's ever seen with her condition (he thinks it's Osteitis Pubis). He basically said, "Well, keep not doing what you're not doing (meaning, stay on bedrest as much as possible), and come back and see me in three months."
As you can imagine, that's not a good enough answer for us. Becky's therapist even said we should begin looking outside of Columbia, and maybe outside of the State of South Carolina for more help. So, we're asking you to pray with us that we'll find someone who has specific knowledge and experience with this condition, and that we'll be able to see him/her soon.

Through all of this, it has been discouraging for both of us, yes. It flat out is discouraging, and we struggle with depression sometimes. But, this is nothing new to us...God has been faithful in the past, and I've got a feeling he's not about ready to "let go" of us anytime soon. :-) We keep praying, crying, and trusting God to do His work in us and through us. We hope you'll pray alongside us too as we wait on Him.

This disease has changed life for us, quite a bit. It's changed how I think (Ben), and it's changed my priorities in a good way. I have learned many lessons and continue to learn much about serving, about humility, about trust, and ultimately, about Heaven. Once we get to Heaven, we'll be made whole...and I can't wait! We'll see Jesus face to face, and we'll also get to be reunited with Noah.

So, in summary, would you please pray for healing for Becky's hips? Would you pray that God would lead us and direct us, and that He'll continue to give us peace, patience, and the ability to continue to trust in Him? We would appreciate it.

You know that line that goes: "God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good." Well, it's still true. It just makes you rethink your own theology of pain and suffering.

In His Unfailing Love,
Ben (for Becky & Caleb).

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness...if ever I have heard of someone being two sure do top the list!!!Every time I cry out to God "WHY", the answer is always a resounding..."trust me!" We are praying for you all, and asking GOD to reval His plan for your lives.Love the pics and keeping in touch,,,Terry :o]