Thursday, January 01, 2009

Update on Becky's healing

Hi all. Wanted to give you an update on Becky's healing progress. She still has not improved enough to "get back to life" as we knew it. Our doctor here in Columbia has tried hard but is at a loss and we have searched near and far for another doctor who might be able to help more. We found a doctor at the Rothman Institute, in Philadelphia, who specializes in bone and joint healing, and who is a research doctor as well, with special interest in hip pain in young adults and joint preservation. He has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology that involved evaluating bone healing and cartilage repair. This is who we need to talk to. We have sent all Becky's paperwork to his office and they have received it. We are waiting on them to review it and get back to us. Please pray that this will work out and we will be able to interact with this doctor and that maybe God would bring healing through this man's wisdom, if not through a miracle of God's own doing. Thank you for praying, and for lifting us up in prayer.

In His Unfailing Love,
Ben (for all of us).

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