Monday, February 16, 2009

Great News!

Thank you for praying! In the last two weeks, we have seen an amazing difference in Becky's condition! Becky's pain in her muscles has all but disappeared, only the hip bones are a little tender still. We will see yet another doctor tomorrow to see if he knows what might be done. However, we believe that persistent prayer has made a difference!

One way God answered our prayers was by having Becky's brother, Josh, who is now a Physical Therapist, give her some tips for strength training. Almost immediately Becky improved! So now she's not using a wheelchair for getting around! What is more, we went to the zoo as a family the other day, and we ALL walked! Praise God! So, this means we can move on with life a bit now! We still ask you to continue praying for Becky's complete healing.

We will soon let you know more about our Summer plans as well as the Fall. Keep in touch!

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Give GOD the glory!