Thursday, May 28, 2009

All here...but one...

Yes, it's true! Caleb, Becky and I (Ben) arrived in Anápolis, Brazil safely today around lunch time...including all but one of our luggage pieces...unfortunately, it was Caleb's car seat; fortunately, a neighbor of my parents had an extra car seat in storage that we could use! Thank you for all your prayers before, during, and even now, after our flight travels. We hope to get Caleb's car seat tomorrow or soon thereafter. Please pray this comes through quickly!

You know you're in Brazil when...
Here are some very real examples of life that struck us as we arrived at our final destination in interior Brazil today:

1. A tractor trailer (semi) and passenger bus had broken down on the side of the highway--instead of using orange cones or such, there were three consecutively larger branches (I mean, large branches, not just sticks) of trees in a regular spacing, acting as cones, warning oncoming traffic that something was going on farther ahead.

2. Driving through downtown Goiânia, at a gas station we saw cars filling up with gas, and a horse and cart tied to a pole.

3. Along the highway there were numerous fruit stands with tangerines and other fresh fruit as the dry season gets started here in the central plateau of Brazil, reminding us of God's promise to provide for His children even when we seem to have 'want'.

World of Contrasts
In the same way, this world is full of contrasts, isn't it? God's Creation shows this: deserts, rainforests, drought and rain. God is delighted in His Creation, and we can definitely enjoy it too! However, some seek God, others don't. No matter the country one lives in, these contrasts are a reality. As we spend this month here in Brazil, would you pray that we would be a light in the darkness (another contrast) and be wise in choosing which opportunities to follow through with. We thank you!

In His Unfailing Love,

Ben, Becky, (Noah) and Caleb Bacheller.

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