Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lansdale and Philadelphia, PA

After July 4th in Boston, we headed down to Lansdale, PA, to see some college friends, and then to Philly to see Becky's grandmother. Caleb enjoyed playing with Connor in the sand--there was some pretty gritty hair that night that had to be washed read good!
Posted by PicasaIn Philly, we went to the pool with Great Grammy White, as well as to the University of Pennsylvania's state arboretum--the trees and flowers were beautiful!

During this trip we've been amazed at how well Caleb has done in adjusting to the traveling and all the many people we meet up with. One of the pictures above shows Caleb playing with two girls he met at dinner one evening! No, we didn't even know them! They were playing on the grass tennis courts in front of the restaurant.

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