Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ben’s got Vertigo, again.

It’s been over 6 years since I last had it (Vertigo), but it hits hard when it comes. I feel so dizzy, unable to stand up on my two feet w/o feeling like I’m gonna teeter over. Ever had that feeling? Well, it’s not fun, I can guarantee you that. The medicine they give you is to counteract the nausea I feel all day, but it makes me drowsy, so I can’t even read or really type that well…what I do best during these days is sit here (really lay down in bed or on the couch) all day, in and out of consciousness and dizziness. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Well, Lord wiling it will pass soon. I’ll go to an ear nose & throat specialist this coming Tuesday…it’s been a bummer being sick at home these days…it’s been since Sat. night last week I’ve been feeling this way. Hopefully I’ll get better soon. We’d appreciate your prayers as I wait for healing and ask God for healing as well.

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