Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hello all! Sorry for the lapse in posting. We've been trying to catch up on our sleep, of course, but we've also been preparing for travels. As I type, we are in northern Virginia with friends, support raising, sharing about our ministry in Brazil, and visiting with friends. It has been a wonderful time, actually quite relaxing for us, which has been much needed on our part. The toughest part is driving all day w/ a newborn who's gotta eat at regular intervals. A regular 8 hour trip now becomes an 11 hour trip or so. It doesn't really matter though b/c we're making memories as a family!

Regarding getting to Brazil, we're inching closer and closer! We are now at 63% of our outgoing/transition expenses (that's what GETS us to Brazil) and 41% of our monthly needs (that's what KEEPS us in Brazil). God is good. He's called us and we keep plugging away at sharing what God is doing in the world through the Brazilian Church, and how you and we can be a significant part of this missions movement! Keep praying!

Ben, for Becky and the boys.

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