Thursday, July 08, 2010

"Tropical South Carolina"

Well, there are two things that remind us we're in South Carolina: tropical sized spiders, and sunflowers that wilt in the hot, humid sun of Columbia, SC. This spider greeted us at the entrance of our front porch when we returned from a weekend trip to Greenville, SC. And the sunflower below we grew from seed--it is now about 10 feet tall. Yep, 10 feet tall.

Would it suprise you to know that Columbia is making itself known as a place that is "Famously Hot"? Yes, indeed! When you are driving on the highway toward Columbia, you will see a billboard every once in a while that says "You're getting hotter...", reminding one of the games we used to play as children...hotter...hotter...colder...really really hot!!! (remember?) The billboards then proudly proclaim Columbia, SC as a wonderful vacation spot, with the words: "FAMOUSLY HOT". Now, who in the world would want to go to a place that is FAMOUSLY HOT? As if the recent 110+ weather here in anything different than what we're already used to...right? The rest of the East Coast might be hurting...but not Columbia, we're famously hot and proud of it!!

So, when are you coming to visit? :-)

Thankfully, we love our temporary home...where I'm going for eternity will be perfect weather...the sun will always shine, but I'm pretty sure it won't be "famously hot". :-)
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Anonymous said...

A huge AMEN to our eternal home, there we will have balmy weather. I will pray for Caleb and the many changes, and for you and Becky also!