Friday, August 20, 2010

Remember how to Trust?

These days we're thinking about Brazil, and about getting there...we have questions about when we'll leave the US to fly to Brazil, when our full support will come in...when God will begin the next step of our lives. We're not sure, but we DO know that He wants us to trust Him in all things. One very practical way God reminded us was a couple of weeks ago when we took a family vacation and went to the mountains in Tennessee. We went to this beautiful waterfall (as you'll see below if you click on the video) and we were able to swim and relax there... While swimming and playing, Caleb demonstrated to us what God expects of us. Caleb places complete trust in me, as his daddy, to catch him and care for him. Do I/we place my/our complete trust in my/our Father to catch us and take care of us? We sure want to!

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