Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter & Noah's homegoing

Easter is sometimes sad, but more than anything it's a wonderful time for those who have Jesus Christ as their savior! This year, Easter was late, as we all know. But it also fell very close to the date we celebrate (and grieve) Noah's homegoing. April 21st was the date, four years ago, that Noah passed away unexpectedly from a massive seizure. The hope we have as believers in Jesus Christ allows us to actually celebrate that Noah is without pain and very much enjoying eternal life...we grieve that we cannot have him with us right now, but celebrate that we will indeed see him again in Heaven! You can celebrate with us as you watch this video to illustrate to our kids that Noah went first, but one day we'll all meet him again.
 Noah's grave.
  Right before releasing the balloons at the cemetery.

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