Thursday, December 29, 2011

Glory to God!

 Hello all! We wanted to follow up regarding our urgent email requests from a couple weekends ago. We would like to share praises with you. It’s fun seeing God DO things on behalf of His people, but it’s even better when we can all praise God TOGETHER as the BODY of Christ! Thank you each and every one of you who prayed for us (don’t stop!), and also to those who replied with encouraging emails. God is indeed GOOD, and we praise Him—to God be the glory!
Regarding our requests:
  1. Repairs on the house finished quickly, early this week. We moved in on Thursday, the 15th, our target date—this is amazing for a latin country! The city did the sewer work promptly! What is more, our new landlord is a believer—what a blessing!
  2. Packing our things to move them out of the apartment in time. We got everything out on time—somehow we accomplished it! Now for the unpacking and organizing in our new home.
  3. For the boys—they are stressed too! They are much better having more room to run around at this house, and loving it!
  4. Energy, especially for Becky—she's 7.5 months pregnant! She’s gotten through this week ok, and is learning to slow down a bit. But keep praying for energy!

Regarding our “touchy” situation that began all this…we now have a better understanding of the whole thing and can see how it was clearly a spiritual attack on our family. We ask you to keep praying that the Lord would protect us and allow us to stay focused on the tasks He has for us during this time in language school.

This next week we are excited to have Ben’s parents and sister with us for Christmas time. Also, Becky’s classes will restart on January 9th–she’ll have about a month of classes before the baby arrives.

We thank you for your prayers, support and encouraging words! This last week we have sensed the Lord’s peace and presence in our daily activities—we know it is because so many of you were faithfully praying for us. Thank you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Ben, Becky, (Noah), Caleb, Samuel & Boy #4.

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