Thursday, February 28, 2013

In our weakness He is strong

There is no other way around it. Without Christ, we would be overwhelmed. As things stand, we are indeed stressed, and worn. However, this makes for great opportunities to trust in the Lord and lean on His strength. Thank you for praying for us during these months on medical leave, and for continuing to partner with us.
As you recall, Samuel spent two separate occasions in the hospital with pneumonia for a total of 10 days. We can now say that the pneumonia is completely gone. However, Samuel was back to the ER with croupe a few weeks ago. Thankfully, he did not have to stay the night. They are getting to know us at the hospital.
Then, a little over three weeks ago, we were playing racquetball with Ben's brothers and sisters-in-laws, and Becky landed awkwardly after a jump and tore her ACL in her left knee. She will need surgery—on March 15th, then months of physical therapy. Ben's Meniere's Disease also kicked in two weeks ago and he was out of commission for a whole week with exteme dizziness and nausea.
Like Job, we feel like the storm just won't pass. But like Job, we will also continue to trust God and give Him praise. He IS a good God, and we put our trust and hope in Him! As always, thank you for lifting us up before the Father.

Next Steps

This past Tuesday we concluded some of the testing we were having done for Caleb. Please pray with us that we know what next steps to take, and that the next medical appointments we need to make will be available soon.
Thank you to so many of you who have written us with suggestions for Caleb's Celiac Disease with recipes, items to purchase, places to buy from, and notes of encouragement. It means so much to us! We are sorry we have not been able to respond to each individually... It is overwhelming at times to deal with his gluten-free diet combined with Ben's strict low-sodium diet. However, we will “get the hang of it” in time. We have already found some delicious meals that we can all eat and enjoy! We have also seen some positive changes in Caleb since we started him on the gluten-free diet. We pray that he will continue to heal with the appropriate diet.

One year old!

The highlight of our last month has been David's one year birthday! He has grown so much, so quickly, just like all of his brothers! We praise God for a healthy “little-big” toddler and look forward to the years ahead as a family with him and his brothers! Click on the photo to see more photos of our family.
Pictures of our family
Thank you for your prayers and partnership on behalf of our family and ministry.

Ben, Becky, (Noah), Caleb, Samuel, & David Bacheller.

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