Monday, May 02, 2016

It's in the little things

It's in the little things
Last week I went off a planned day-trip to the mountains to spend some focused time in prayer and worship of our Creator and Savior, along with trying to do some planning for the year of ministry ahead of me. I was excited to go on a long hike to Abram's Falls in the Smoky Mountains, not too far from our house. However, going down into the valley area where the river is, on a one-way narrow road, it was blocked by construction vehicles. "What??" I thought. I talked to the park rangers and workers there, asking if I could even walk through--they said it was closed. A large tree had fallen the night before and broken up half of the paved road that allowed access to the trailhead.
Honestly, I was quite depressed after this. I was really looking forward to this hike and subsequent swim at the cold waters of the falls, then some focused time of planning and prayer. I opted instead to drive back up to the top of the mountains and walk around an old, closed campground. And therein lies the lesson for me, and possibly you too. I was so focused on the big picture of my plan that I wasn't flexible enough to see the little detour God had planned for that day. Instead of a hike where everything passes me by, I was forced to slow down and look for the beauty in an old campground.
Part of my role at TEAM is helping the Church, you and me, remember that it is our responsibility and privilege to care for God’s Creation. There’s no alarmism in this reminder—it is simply something we do for the glory of God. We do it for His name to be clearly proclaimed through His creation (Romans chapter 1) so that men are without excuse. But we also do it because God’s desire is for ALL OF CREATION to flourish! That’s in Genesis 1 and 2, and all throughout the rest of Scripture—God LOVES to see His creation flourish since it brings Him glory, pleasure, and it provides for our well-being—humankind depends on the fruitfulness of Creation. Wouldn’t it make sense that we care for that which God has established to provide for our needs? What a blessing it is for me to work with our cross-cultural missionaries at developing projects that bring the whole of the gospel message to those who have never heard, and to see their lives and the created order around them flourishing! For some amazing videos and photos click on this link to see some of the results of caring for God’s creation in La Paz, Mexico. Thank you for your partnership in giving and praying to make this possible!

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