Monday, May 30, 2005

Going to Rio!

Well hello there again folks! Once again, Becky and I
felt like we should email to keep in touch. We want to
share our excitement with you all! For some of you
this paragraph will be "old news", so just skip ahead
to the next paragraph. As of last week, Becky and I
found out that for sure, 100% definite, no joking,
totally seriously, that we are pregnant! She's 6 weeks
now, and the baby's due January 21st, 2006! Please
pray with us and for us for a safe, healthy pregnancy,
and delivery when the time comes.

Also, coming up in June, from the 6th to the 13th,
Becky and I will be going to Rio de Janeiro. We were
invited by a Christian professor at one of the top
agricultural/ecological schools in Brazil. During the
one week we spend there, we will be making contacts
for the future and trying to serve however possible. I
have been asked, believe it or not, to "preach" (more
like speak) that Sunday, as a layperson. I'm asking
God for the courage and wisdom to know what to say.
The church has about 200 to 300 members. This
professor has also asked me to possibly teach his
ecology course for the day that I'm there with him at
the university. I feel humbled and honored, wondering
if I'll know what to do! :-) However, what I am really
looking forward to is helping him (Dr. Carlos Eduardo)
teach an agriculture training course to missionaries
on Wednesday and Saturday. This is all exciting for
me, but also a little nerve wracking as well! Pray
that all goes fine, and that both Becky and I will
have the strength to step up to the challenges before
us. Thankfully my vertigo is almost completely gone
and I'm feeling more like myself.

However, Becky has been feeling "morning sickness"
lately, so we ask that you pray for this to pass ASAP.
It's amazing to think that during this 6th week, the
baby's facial features and hands & feet are already
forming. Psalm 139 says that he knows us even before
we were conceived! So He's watching out for this
little one already, wouldn't you say? Just as He
watches over us and has a plan in our lives and in
your life.

We're also in the process of figuring out our last
month here in Brazil (July). A pregnancy can change a
few things... Pray for us that we'll be able to decide
where to go while in the northeast of Brazil and how
long to stay in that region. It is likely that Becky
will not spend much time there due to the rough living
conditions, while I might spend a week or so visiting.

We also want to thank each of you who continues to
support us in the ways you have--our needs here in
Brazil have been more than met--Thank you so much for
encouraging us and praying for us! For more regular
updates, you can look us up on our website:

Let us know of any specific prayer requests you might
have as well so we might better know how to pray for
you. We hope you have a great week!

Love and Prayers, Ben and Becky

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