Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Teens from orphanage at Judo

This past weekend Becky and I went to the local university gym where a State Judo competition was being held. We went to watch a few of the teen guys from the orphanage compete. One of the kids actually got gold in one division, and silver in the next. It was neat to spend time w/ them, supporting them, since there's no parents to come watch and support them. Even so, I don't think I have the patience that a teenager's father would have (yet), because I got tired after a few hours and had to come home and get some rest. It can drain you a lot, especially when it's in another language! Anyhow, that was Saturday, and today, Wednesday, I give a short Bible study to these same teenager guys at the orphange, at 8pm our time, 7pm Eastern St. Time, while Becky hangs out with the teen girls, talking and teaching them how to crochĂȘt.
Please pray that God will work in these kids' lives, bringing them to Him, and that we'll be sensitive in knowing how we can help.
Ben & Becky.

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