Friday, July 08, 2005

Nordeste (northeast)

We got back from northeast Brazil safely, and it was an adventure for me (Ben), since I stayed a bit longer to get to know the interior of the state of ParaĆ­ba. The homes were simple, some without a cement floor, and the walls are made from mud and sticks, kind of like a plaster or adobe. The people are very welcoming and friendly once they know you're not a threat to them. They are suspicious of outsiders, but if they accept you, it's as if you're part of their family. That is how I felt during my visit-as part of the community-I wasn't stared at, and I enjoyed the people. One night I sat for a couple hours just chatting with the neigbors. They ranged from the ages of 70, to a four year old on my lap. We sat on simple benches or "home-made chairs" for the evening, just chatting away while the mosquitoes buzzed around us freely. It really WAS enjoyable for me because I got to live like they do for a few days. Eat what they eat (rice and beans with a dry flour-like mixture made from cassava roots), sleep like they do (in a hammock--very comfortable--saves on $ too!) All in all, I saw the need that exists there. I taught an agricultural cooperative some things they could do to improve their crop production, interacted with them, and also hooked them up with ECHO ( for materials to assist them. Who knows where God may lead us (Ben & Becky) in the future? So many few people willing to serve. We all can help in so many ways, some by going overseas, some by giving, but all of us by praying. What can YOU do?

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