Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Where we'll be in the next couple of weeks:

Howdy folks! If you're reading this site, wondering just where we are in the world today, well this is the right place. Here's where we'll be in the next few weeks, and how to reach us.

On Friday, July 22nd, we'll be flying out of Brazil to Chicago. We'll be in Chicago from the 23rd through the 26th, flying out to New York State on that Tuesday, the 26th. We'll be seeing supporters and family while in NY, then fly back to Chicago for debriefing. We'll be in Chicago again from the 2nd to the 6th of August, when we'll be flying down to Miami (still need a ride though) on our way to Fort Myers on the Gulf side of Florida (hoping there'll be no hurricanes in store for when we're there though). We'll stay in Fort Myers for a few days, from the 6th through the 11th, when we pack up a rental truck and move to Columbia, SC. The best way to reach us will be by email (bbbacheller@yahoo.com), since we don't have cell phones currently. In NY you can reach us at (716) 557-2153. Once we are moved in to SC, we'll email our phone number out to you. We'll be sharing stories and pictures with those who are interested while we're in western NY and Chicago, as well as by email if you're interested. Just let us know.

As our time winds down here, pray for me, Ben, I've got an earache that's bothering me, and that everything will go smoothly. Can't wait to see you all wherever you are! Thanks for your prayers,
Ben & Becky.

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