Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Coming home?? Really??

Today the doctors have told us that we’ll probably be able to bring Noah home tomorrow! Wednesday! On his one week birthday he’ll finally be coming home! We’re so excited for him! He’s been eating well and keeping it all down, gaining weight, and even showing his personality through his facial expressions! All the tests have come back normal, and the only thing of concern is his reflux. But it’s a manageable condition, as his father (me, Ben) has it too! So, like father, like son, after all. Basically he has to sleep raised up a bit, feed raised up a bit, etc., so as not to have it all come right back up and choke on it.
Right now he’s still under the “lights”, for billyruben (jaundice), a condition common to many babies. But he’s doing #2 (poopy) very well, as Ben had an experience he’ll never forget yesterday when changing his diaper! It is every mother’s dream come true when the baby poops or pees all over daddy! Boy, did that happen! I had even said to Noah: “Now, Noah, don’t you go pee until I’m done changing you, ok?” He obeyed me, and squirted green stuff all over me and the isollette! Yuck! So, he’s doing quite well—much better than us—we’re tired, and drained—welcome to parenthood, right?

We want to say thanks to all of you who have prayed for us over this week, we have felt the Lord’s protection and strength given to us as well as Noah. This whole event with Noah just makes me ponder the greatness of God. How He does these things…why He chooses to allow this life over another, why He chooses not to take our son’s life, but to give him a second chance… Have you thought about that lately? Why has God allowed you to survive the last few close calls? God has a purpose for everything—and we are thankful for Noah’s life. Thank you for your encouragement.

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