Saturday, January 07, 2006


Hello folks. Just wanted to let those who are wondering...that Noah is ok. He's improving more and more, and praise God! He is breastfeeding! A friend from our church, who is the lactation consultant at the hospital with the NICU babies, convinced the doctor to let Becky try breastfeeding. She started yesterday morning, and he's still eating and holding it down!

They have taken all but the IV out of him, while they continue to monitor his condition. From all aspects, he looks and acts like a healthy, strong, newborn baby! Which he is! He's on medicine for reflux (like his daddy), but doing fine. The earliest he'll be out is next Tuesday, they are pumping him full of antibiotics until then, just to make sure there's no risk of any infections. When we DO bring him home, he'll be on a monitor for breathing and heart-beats.

We thank you for your prayers, and we covet them. Please continue to pray, and pray now for Noah's quick recovery (as he HAS been doing, thanks to the Lord hearing all of our prayers!), and for mom and dad to have energy beyond the few hours of sleep we get with a baby in the NICU.

Ben (for Becky and Noah).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! He's cute. Matt and I are praying for you. We know how hard it is to see your child sick and in the hospital. I never thought my heart could ache that much. I don't know how God does it with so many children! We're glad to hear things are getting better. We will continue to pray.

Matt and Juli

Anonymous said...

We are so glad and are praying! Ellen