Saturday, December 30, 2006

Please pray

Hello folks. Sorry for the delay in posting, it's been pretty busy the last few weeks after school finished for me. We'll update you on the last month, but first, there is a big prayer request we have for you and those you know, your church, any friends & family you share this with.
Tonight, I went to do some painting for a friend, while Becky was getting ready to go to work (she works night-shift at the hospital on the weekends). She was telling the baby-sitter what to do w/ Noah (1 year old come January 4th), bedtime ritual, etc., then Noah started staring off into the distance, to his right side, then his neck got stiff and he wouldn't respond to Becky's voice...Becky called me on the cel-phone, I told her to get to the hospital ASAP. She did--that was the best thing she could have done for him (drive him instead of ambulance). In the car, on the way to the E.R., Noah stopped breathing, then foamed at the mouth, as seizures started. She got him to the E.R. and then he started shaking, going into shaking/tremors, in a seizure. That was at 6:30pm tonight (Fri) when she left the house. It is now past midnight as I write, 12:23am, Saturday morning really, and Noah has stabilized...he's on medicines to sedate him while they do tests and monitor him. He's on a ventilator until at least tomorrow, but his lungs are strong, just like he is (you know this if you've ever met him!) He's strong, and God is his strength, and God is OUR strength at this time too.
We are in the hospital also, sleeping in a "makeshift waiting room". We ask you to pray that the results will come back negative, meaning that Noah will be perfectly normal, but that whatever the outcome, God will give Becky and I strength through all of this. You might remember almost exactly a year ago, January 4th, 2006, when Noah was born...we spent a week of sleepless nights in this exact hospital, just 5 floors down from here...because he stopped breathing.
So, the results so far say that Noah's fine, we're just waiting to do more tests and wait for those results.

When I was 18 months old, I also had a seizure...thankfully, I don't remember what it was like...nor will Noah I'm sure. But my, oh my, I now know what I must have put my parents through.

So, will you pray for us, and specifically for Noah? Thank you. We'll update you as we get a chance. God is still good.
Ben, for Becky and Noah.

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