Saturday, February 10, 2007


Thanks for your concern and prayers everyone. We got home Wednesday night, so we spent less than a full 24 hours in the hospital with Noah. His seizure ended after three hours finally, and by the morning he was up and at it, full of energy, like usual! We had to wait until mid-afternoon to talk to the pediatric neurologist, but finally he showed up. The medicine that Noah has gone on now is called Tegrotol, or something like that. It's pretty commonly used for seizure disorders, it has possible side-effects, of course, as all medicines do sometimes, but we just have to see if this one works without side-effects--if not, we switch to another one...he'll probably be on it for two years, and be weaned off it if no more seizures occur during these next two years. Please pray that God would put his healing hand on Noah and protect him from these seizures.

At this point, Becky and I feel pretty sick, mostly me though. I'm gettting the same nasty sore throat/cold/flu virus/bug I got when we left the hospital last month...great. Seems this time of the year the hospital is full of viruses in the air...flu/cold season, ya know? I hope and pray I get better soon.

School (seminary) classes have kicked into high-gear for me, Ben, and we're trying to get our days scheduled out with me going to classes, homework, taking care of Noah on the weekends, and Becky working nights on the weekends...

An answer to prayer, however, is that we have decided to have Becky stop working on March 10th! We are sooo excited for this! Come that day, we'll start to feel like normal human beings with a normal schedule! God never made it to work this way, you know? No one should have to work nights! Especially moms! Just at the right time, God provided a way for this to happen. I'll be able to pick up an extra day part-time, and she'll be able to stay home full-time, including weekends! Awesome! Praise God!! So, hopefully we'll be able to come visit some of you on the weekends...

One last prayer request: pray for us in preparing for Brazil. We are trusting God to provide prayer supporters and financial supporters for these 6 months we will be serving in Brazil. We are looking forward to our time there, and to what God has to teach us during this time. If your church is interested in hearing about what God is doing in Brazil among the people (this is super exciting!) there, we'd love to come share about it! Contact us and let us know!

Excited to be alive...Ben, Becky & Noah Bacheller.

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