Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Noah in the hospital, again

Hi least to those of you who keep up w/ the blog...
Do you ever wonder if we'll ever stop "learning" from God? There's always so much for us to learn from Him, so much that He wants to teach us. It doesn't matter how many times we have to go through the valley, God is always with us, and no matter what, one thing God wants for us is to desperately cling to Him over anything else in this world, even more than life. Do you? Do I?
--Well, Noah's in the hospital, again. Tonight he had another seizure. I've come home to sleep, since I couldn't get Becky to leave Noah's cribside. She'll be dozing off in the rocking chair throughout the's now midnight or so, and I'll be back there by 6:30am in the morning.
This seizure we recognized right away, gave him the medicine we got since his first seizure, and called 911 as we were giving it to him. Maybe it helped, we don't know...what we do know is that this seizure wasn't as violent as the first one, but it still lasted about an hour. Three hours later, after he started "waking up" a bit, he was the "normal" Noah, but just worn out and tired from the seizure...besides, 11pm is way past his bedtime. :-)
Now, he's sleeping at the hospital in the P.I.C.U. Tomorrow we'll hopefully see the neurologist and get more info. I think we'll start him on maintenance medicines now to control seizures. They did a CT scan and it was normal...remember, it was only a little over a month ago that he just got out of the same hospital we took him to tonight...ooooh boy. At least we've been through this a couple of times (being in the hospital, that is), and feel familiar with the surroundings and procedures.
In the meantime, and all the time, for that matter, we keep trusting God to know what He is doing, WHY He is doing it, and WHAT FOR He is doing it. God is still in charge...always has been, always IS, and always WILL BE.
Thanks for praying--we'll keep you posted through this blog.

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