Friday, October 12, 2007

Caleb's got great lungs!!

Listen to this guy! Praise God for Caleb!


Saji and Susanna Varghese said...

What a beautiful family:) and a beautiful little boy:) well, not really little:) and he sure does have great lungs! You are blessed!
You were in our thoughts and prayers so much more yesterday...I'm glad to see that mom and little Caleb are doing great:) I will call soon.
Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

YAAAAAAAAAAY Congrats! That's soooooo exciting!

Anonymous said...

Hoorah! Welcome, Caleb! And a huge congrats to you guys, Ben & Becky - I'm thinking of your family and am rejoicing with you.

Yay, Caleb - shout it out! : )