Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gone hunting...

Well, my friend Brock and I went hunting yesterday...Muzzleloader season opened up in SC! We came home with the back of the truck empty...but, with good reason. I had four deer walk straight at me, two does (skinny as could be!) and two fawns. I hadn't gotten a doe tag yet, so all I could shoot was bucks, and shooting a scrawny doe didn't excite me too much, though it would have been my first deer!!! The fawns were probably still nursing...and there's the rest of the Fall still. Hopefully, in the meantime those does will put on a bit more weight...better make room in our freezer! :-)

Do you like Venison? Got a good recipe for cooking some up? Let us know! Or, just come by and visit---hey, you could even meet our next son, Noah's little brother...another week or two and he'll probably be around!

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