Monday, July 28, 2008

Almost home...

Today is Monday, it's 9:46 am, and we're in Philadelphia, PA. We're finally at the last leg of our month-long trip; and what a trip it's been! From Columbia, SC, to Greenville, SC, to a small town in KY, to Wheaton, IL, to Door County, WI, back to Wheaton, IL, to Hinsdale, NY, to Cortland, NY, to Nazareth, PA, to Philadelphia, today to Potomac, MD, then tomorrow we'll finally head home! Wow! I think we've almost forgotten what it's like to sleep in our own bed and live in our own home. We miss our friends back home, as well as our cat, Bela, but we also have enjoyed seeing so many of you on this summer trip. God has led the way, as always, and we're thankful to have spent some time with friends and family. Here is a picture of the extended Bacheller family while in Wisconsin.

Keep in touch!
Ben, Becky & Caleb.

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Unknown said...

Hi all... It was awesome having your guys with us for some time. It's always nice to spend some time together and get to know each other better.
I loved the pictures and hope they're of good use to you.
We love you guys very much and we'll be missing you.
Love, Patricia & MIcah