Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Dear praying friends,

As of today, we have been accepted as Candidates with TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)! We are elated! Thank you for your prayers!

Now, we ask you to continue to pray with us. We are currently in Wheaton, IL, at the mission's headquarters, doing some preliminary interviews. There are a number of week-long orientations we need to do during this process of becoming missionaries with TEAM, the first of which will be July 14th through the 18th. However, we were told we would not likely make it in time for that specific orientation. As of today, it looks much more plausible that we will INDEED make it, as long as the preliminary interviews fall into place and go smoothly. So, would you please pray with us that it will indeed work out? It would save us from having to do the extra travelling in October later this year.

We also ask you to pray for our little (big) guy, Caleb, now 8 1/2 months old. He has developed croup again (he had it a few months ago), and we had to take him to the doctor today. We believe this recurrence of croup is due to his bad reflux. We ask that you pray for healing for both these illnesses.

We'll keep in touch as we know more details in the next week or so. Thanks again for your prayers!

In His Unfailing Love,
Ben, Becky, & Caleb Bacheller.

P.S.: If you did not receive our June prayer letter, it is on the next page of this blog...just scroll down on the right side of this window and click on previous posts.

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