Saturday, August 15, 2009

Colorado & Wyoming

We flew in to Denver yesterday, and drove up to Douglas, Wyoming, where Ben was born back in 1980...we're sharing at the church my dad first pastored when he got out of seminary back in the late 70's. You can see farmland in this picture and the Rockies in the far background...what a beautiful Creation!
Here we are in Wyoming already, the badlands I suppose...this is right off an exit...kinda funny how there's not much around, just lots of land (flat land at that), some cattle, and wildlife.

You know, once it got dark, there was this strange feeling that came over us...we're in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming, cel phones don't get reception in some places, and there's no one or nothing to be seen for miles...even a single light in the darkness. It was an overwhelming feeling, but it also makes one think of God's presence being everwhere at all we really believe that? Do I really believe it? If so, I have nothing to fear in the darkness, this is God's amazing Creation, and we are His creatures; He will always care for us.
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