Monday, August 10, 2009

In Western NY State

At one of the families we had dinner with in Olean, NY, their cat was looking out from the fence, wishing it could be free from prison! At least, that's what it looked like. :-) Not to worry, this cat runs free wherever and whenever it likes. (Nice cat, Paul & Pat).

So here Caleb and Daddy were thinking about getting in the water...Caleb was ready, but not daddy. We were at a wedding and couldn't really go for a swim at that point!
These pictures are of us blueberry picking! Caleb, of course, ate all that he picked...but if he put some in the bucket, they eventually got dumped! He enjoyed watching them fall out of his bucket and step on them--making blueberry juice in the grass with his feet!

This is Caleb running from Nana Smith! :-) He must have taken her blueberries!
During dinner one evening, we had a live alto saxophone performance by a talented jazz musician (who is our friend), Isaac, and as you can tell, Caleb was transfixed! Thanks Isaac, and thanks Paul and Pat for the wonderful food and fellowship!!

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