Sunday, October 23, 2011

Caleb's 4th Birthday!

For Caleb's 4th, birthday, Becky made cupcakes in the shape of an icecream cone--that's what Caleb requested!
 This is what Caleb got for his birthday...a bicycle! We actually bought it a few nights before we left the US, took it apart that same night, and packed it in one of the 27 bins we brought with us! Much cheaper to do that then to buy a bike here... He LOVES his bike!
 And here Caleb is demonstrating his climbing skills...AND falling skills.

This peacock was one of many that are at this park...the boys loved hearing them! They are VERY loud, in case you've never heard one up close.
So, it was a wonderful October 12th for Caleb, and all of us, as we celebrated his 4th birthday!

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Ashley said...

Happy Belated Birthday Caleb!!! He is such a big boy now and so cute! Praying for you all during your transition into everyday life. Sending our love and prayers! - Ashley (for Jim and Margo) :)