Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Seeing improvement!

Hi everybody!
Well, the last couple of days have been weird...the doctors and nurses are all confused about what to do for Noah, or should I say, "were" confused. Finally, there was one doctor who finally gave us some clear answers, which in fact are quite unclear in and of themselves! You see, RSV is a virus, which isn't curable with a magic pill, like an infection is with antibiotics. We have to simply wait on Noah's immune system to fight off the virus (=breathing difficulties), and treat the symptoms (=mucus in his nostrils & throat). This is the least favorite part of the day for Noah, and for us too, of course. He squirms and kicks his legs and moves his head all over the place! It takes three of us to hold him down in order to "suction" him out--we have to do this a few times a day. It's been so nice having Josh, Becky's brother, here for this time. Not just to hold Noah down for "suctioning time" but also to hold Noah when he's restless, to watch Noah while Becky and I go home to get a few things, or to go running with Becky while I watch Noah in his room here at the hospital. Just having one more person around helps sooo much, even while Noah's sick! I mean, it will help a lot to have him at home too--since many of you have seen Noah's energy!!!

All in all, we've see Noah improving greatly since Friday! Finally, he's actually smiling big and trying to laugh! The drugs have finally worn off, and he's only on oxygen right now. The doctor said we could go home when Noah goes a night without using the extra oxygen and can breath well on his own. He still struggles to breath when he's worked up, but when he's calm, so are his respirations. Our biggest fear is that if we take him home (which could be as early as tomorrow afternoon), he'd not be able to breath well enough if he gets worked up/stressed, then having to bring him back here to the ER and start all over again! Yes, we want to get home, but we also want Noah to be as "normal" as possible when DO take him home. That's what you can pray for.

Tomorrow is Noah's first birthday! He turns 1 year old tomorrow! Quite a coincidence that we might be going home on the same day that he was born last year, huh??

People here have been so helpful to us--our church family, our neighbors, and even a number of nurses and doctors. Noah's getting better, and we believe it's because God is answering your prayers and ours too. We pray for continued patience and strength to keep fighting, and keep loving.

Once at home, and things settle down a bit, I'll try to post some pictures of our time in the hospital.
We'll keep you posted.
Thanks for praying!
Ben, for all three of us.