Monday, January 01, 2007

Still here

Hi folks.
Yesterday at about noon, Noah got moved to another room, out of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. He went off the respirator, but still was having trouble breathing, not getting enough oxygen into his lungs. So they've continued giving him breathing treatments once in a while, and the sedation had worn off, finally, but then he had so much energy that he's fight and cry so hard for so long that he'd finally fall asleep out of exhaustion. He seemed to be in such pain! The doctors couldn't figure out why he was having trouble breathing, besides the irritated airways from the intubation he had done Friday night. This morning, early, they got a sample of the stuff he was coughing up, and sure enough, he had contracted RSV, which is basically a really bad cold that and adult would have, but as a young child, it can kill if not taken care of quickly. Thankfully, they caught it in Noah early--there is nothing we can do for a "quick fix" for Noah, besides suctioning out the mucus in his nose and throat, and some respiratory treatments a few times a day when his breathing starts to sound like wheezing.

Last night was a rough night for Becky and I--Noah was awake throughout the night, on and off, in pain we think, fussing, but also having more tests done for his breathing. This morning we decided to give him a simple sedative to help him sleep through the pain more, to tolerate it a bit more. Today he's been groggy again as a result, but I think not in as much pain--now he's just miserable when he's awake.

Becky's brother, Josh, is on break from Physical Therapy School and is coming down from NY to help us. In fact, he should be arriving any minute now at the hospital. Since Noah's virus can spread so easily from him to another person and to another child, it'll work best to have her brother here so that he doesn't have to worry about carrying the virus around to family. So many people here in our community have been soooo helpful! They are bringing us meals and praying for Noah and us. You too are praying, and we are so thankful! There are ups and downs throughout the day, but we know God is in control--as always! In fact, there were two instances today in which Noah lightly smiled! They have a music therapist that goes around the hospital to the children's rooms and plays her guitar and sings silly songs to/for/with them! Noah watched her as long as his attention span could last, and he made Becky and I cry a bit because we were so glad to see him attempt to smile! Oh, God is good indeed! Noah seems to be improving, slowly...we don't know when we'll be out of here...I think probably on his birthday, January 4th, Thursday, but we'll see...

So, we'll keep you posted, and thanks for praying!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben and Becky,

Matt and I are praying for you. We can completely understand what you are going thru. Elizabeth had unexplained seizures a little over a year old. It was so scary to see them do all those things to her, and have her fight them. This must be really hard on Becky, being a nurse and knowing all the things that could go wrong. It's so scary. We hope things are getting better. Glad Noah is breathing on his own.