Thursday, January 04, 2007

We're home!!!

We are home now with Noah! As of 11:30, we were allowed to come home with Noah! Praise God that he went the whole night without oxygen and his saturation levels of oxygen in his blood were fine--this means that even though he was having a hard time breathing, and it sounds loud, he was still getting enough oxygen in his lungs! He also went the night without any respiratory treatments! As soon as we saw the doctor in the morning, he said we could go home! So, praise God! Thank you for praying, ssooooo much! We still ask that you pray for Noah to continue healing and get stronger every day. He's on respiratory treatments twice a day here at home to reduce the inflammation of his airways, so that he can breath easier.

Tomorrow morning, Friday, we go to the neurologist to see about his seizure a bit more. We're still not sure about it--we have no reasons so far, scientifically, for why he had it. We'll keep you posted.

Now I'll post pictures about this whole process--as we lived it with Noah and prayed through it all and waited on God to teach us.


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Sara said...

Hi Ben and Becky,
I am just getting caught up on the blog world and was alarmed to hear about Noah! I have been praying for his quick recovery. I'm so thankful thankful that you have him at home again and pray that he continues to improve there under your care. It's been a rough road, but your faith pulls you through! Blessings to you!